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April Balm

I have worked in service to people my entire adult life. I started out doing community integration with adults with developmental disabilities. After going to college for occupational therapy and then special education, I worked in mental health rehabilitation, helping adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

Since becoming a teacher in 2006, I have taught in a middle school behavior support room, cotaught in middle school and elementary school, and for the past 4 years, I have worked with high-risk students at an area high school. During these years, I got my Masters in Educational Leadership, hoping to work in an administrative role, but I do not want to lose students as my daily focus. I LOVE working with young people who have difficulty making their way in traditional schools. 

My next journey includes assisting fellow teachers in improving their practice through offering supportive space so they do not feel overwhelmed and defeated by the varieties of learning struggles their students present. Teachers need to feel like the professionals they have trained to be.

I am always looking for topics of need - please email me or message me on Facebook with recommendations! 


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